Writing: In this section there are two task types and your reading and writing skills can be judged. You can get 50-60 minutes to complete this task type. There are 4-5 questions that you have to complete under timed condition. Following are the writing task types:
• Summarize Written Text
• Essay Writing
Summarize Written Text: For this item type you need to read a paragraph and understand the paragraph properly and you have to type between 5-75 words. You need to write only one sentence. The word counts at the bottom of the screen so that you can check your words. This item type is contributed to the reading and writing module.

Essay Writing: For this item type, you need to write 200-300 words within 20 minutes. You have to give your response according to the essay prompt. There is no contribution to this task type. You can get only points for the writing part.