Speaking: In this section, there are five task types. All the task types are interconnected with each other. From this section your Speaking, Reading and Listening skills can be assessed. For this item type you can get 35 minutes, within 35 minutes you have to complete your all task types. Following are the speaking task type:
• Read Aloud
• Repeat Sentences
• Describe Images
• Retell Lecture
• Answer Short Questions
Read Aloud: For this item type you need to read text loudly for 40 seconds. Before response-time you have 35 seconds as a searching time. You can utilize your 35 seconds so that you get familiar with each and every single word. After the completion of 35 seconds there is a beep tone and after that you can start your speaking. Never speak before microphone opens because if you start your speaking before the microphone opens at that time you are not able to get the points. Try to speak within 3 seconds after the microphone opens. This item type is contributed to the Reading section. Do not skip any word while speaking and do not add any extra word in the paragraph.
Repeat Sentences: This item type is contributed with the listening section and this task type is very important and scoring. For this item type you have to listen to one short sentence and after that you have to speak the exact sentence into your microphone. From this item type, they analyze your memory. In this task type the recording will start automatically and after the completion of recording, the microphone opens and you have to give your response immediately. For this item type, there is no searching time and there is no beep tone so you have to take care of these things.
• Describe Images: In this part you have to describe an image for 40 seconds. There is an image that display on the screen. Before response time you have 25 seconds to prepare your image and after that there is a beep tone and you have to start your speaking. Do not start your speaking before the microphone opens. You have to speak very clearly. There is no need to rush. You can get 6-7 questions for this item type. This item type is only for the speaking part there is no contribution with other task types.
• Retell Lecture: For this part, you need to retell the lecture as you heard. First of all, there is a lecture; you have listened to the lecture carefully and after that, you can get 10 seconds as searching time and after that, you have to give your response for 40 seconds. This task type is contributed by the listening and speaking part. You can 3-4 questions in the form of audio, video, and image. Out of these 3 types, you can get any type in your PTE academic exam.
• Answer Short Question: For this task type you just have to give your response within one or a few words. The audio will begin automatically. After the completion of recording; once the microphone opens and once recording status box shows recording then you have to give your response. Remember there is no beep tone. Moreover, finish your recording before the progress bar reaches the end.